Upshorts Videos

If there’s anything I like better than an upskirt video or picture it’s an upshorts video and I’m certain you enjoy them too. Upshorts views are rare. It’s physically possible to see up under every skirt. We may not be able to actually do it for a variety of reasons but it still possible to get an upskirt shot of every woman in a skirt. But upshorts views are different. The shorts have to be loose enough and short enough and the fabric stiff enough to hang away from the subject’s body.   And then the subject has to be standing or sitting or lying in just the right position. Click on a thumb now to see an upshorts video where everything goes right.

Part of the thrill of an upshorts shot for me is the fact that no woman ever suspects that anyone can see up her shorts. The same woman who always wears panties under a skirt and wraps it around her legs when she lies on the grass in the park will go pantiless under shorts and have no clue that she’s showing the world her razor stubble up the leg of her shorts. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen ten times the number of pantiless upshorts than I’ve seen pantiless upskirts, demonstrating that women just don’t think that anyone can see anything when they wear shorts.

Convenient for you if you happen to like upshorts videos too, I have a bunch of them posted on upskirt-champ. Just click on one of the thumbs below to see a sample of one of them. The entire clip is much longer and there are many more. This one is wearing panties but you can see the front almost all the way up to the waistband, something that’s uncommon with upskirts just because of the geometry of the whole thing.

Since I mentioned pantiless, I also need to tell you that I have a whole bunch of pantiless upskirt videos too. Many of my videos were shot at vacation spots where women tend to do things they wouldn’t do at home, like go without panties. And I really need to figure out how to sneak a camcorder into a jam band concert because the Digicam Dude captured tons of pantiless women who look like someone you’d met at a Phish concert. But don’t worry, these women shave. The Dude has his own special section at my site so you can see the concentration of pantyless upshorts and upskirt videos.

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