Wet T-Shirt Contest Upskirts

What’s better than a Wet T-Shirt Contest, guys? How about one with drunk college girls? In short skirts? On an elevated stage so you can see right up those skirts? You got it, upskirt videos of drunk college girls in Wet T-Shirt Contests. I told you about the spring break club that Andy and I found that had the wild parties every night for a month. Well, they had contests every night too. Some of them were Wet T contests like in this clip. Click on a thumb to watch these girls get wild in their wet t-shirts.

Upskirt video of a red thong in a Wet T-Shirt ContestUpskirt video of a pink thong in a Wet T-Shirt ContestUpskirt video of a red thong in a Wet T-Shirt Contest

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Anyone who says that women are not as competitive as men has never seen one of these contests. Now I’ve seen hundreds of these over the years, everything from spring breakers like these to regular Saturday night club girls to hardened biker chicks. And in every single one, those girls wanted to win and were willing to do whatever was necessary. It’s difficult to imagine a bunch of guys up on a stage dancing around and showing it all but these girls do whatever needs to be done.

Red Thong’s a Winner

One thing I’ve learned watching all of those contests is that the best looking girl doesn’t necessarily win. Same for the one who shows the most skin. No, it’s usually the one who shows the most enthusiasm and excitement who’s at least decent looking and shows enough skin. I once saw a sixty year old woman win a contest over a bunch of 20- and 30-somethings. She just wanted it more and let the audience know.

In the contest in the clip, the girl in the red thong ( I told you there was something about girls in red panties) won. I think it was only like a hundred bucks plus bragging rights with her girlfriends. I noticed her early on in the evening and she was wild all night showing off to everyone. I wanted to try for a private show but she disappeared right after the contest and I never saw her again.

I have over 25 gigs of spring break videos on upskirt-champ. A lot of it is contests like these but almost all of it is upskirts. And whatever isn’t upskirts is naked chicks so I think you’ll approve of that. Most of the spring break upskirt and Wet T-Shirt Contest videos are also high definition which is a quantum leap or two in quality over what you see here.

Wet T-Shirt Contest Pink Thong UpskirtUpskirt video of a red thong in a Wet T-Shirt ContestUpskirt video girls in thongs in a Wet T-Shirt Contest

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